Segmenter for Quechua

This is a very simple segmenter for Quechua (Runasimi), spoken by several million people in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Argentina. This version of the segmenter is a proof-of-concept, and there is a lot still to be done with it.

The major shortcomings are as follows:

In order to save you having to find Quechua text to put into the segmenter (and to ensure that at least some of the text you put in will actually give you output!), you could try entering words from the following list:

These are taken from Serafin Coronel-Molina's Quechua Phrasebook.

A substantial number of pages in Quechua are available on Wikipedia, but given the low number of words currently in this version of the segmenter, you may not have much luck with them.