Convert Arabic script to Roman script

This section provides tools to convert Swahili text in Arabic script into Roman script.

Please note that it is a good idea to check any output given here before re-using it in other contexts. Andika! is a work in progress, and improvements can still be made.

The converted text will appear here.

Notes on the Convert text tool
  • This tool is intended for chunks of text, which can be typed or pasted into the input box.
  • Short samples of Swahili in Arabic script (two from Wikipedia, one from a manuscript poem) are given on the Samples for testing tab to enable instant testing of the conversion by pasting them into the box.
  • Input is truncated to 900 characters, but if your text is longer than this all you need to do is convert it in chunks. If you have large amounts of text to convert, you may find it easier to use the offline converter (currently being tested)..
  • Since Arabic does not have capital letters, capitals (other than most sentence-intial capitals) need to be added by hand to the output.
  • When converting from Arabic to Roman script, Firefox's spellchecker will underline every word in the Arabic script entry area. To avoid this, turn off as-you-type spellchecking: select Edit → Preferences → Advanced, and on the General tab under Browsing, untick Check my spelling as I type.
Sample 1

ذَانَ هِئِ إِلِپٗؤِبُوكَ كْوَنزَ كَتِيكَ كَارْنٖ يَ كُومِ نَ نَانٖ نَ كُومِ نَ تِيسَ بَرَانِ أُلَايَ، إِلِمَأَنِيشَ مْچَكَاتٗ وَ كُلِيمَ أَوْ كُبٗرٖيشَ كِلِيمٗ أَوْ كِلِيمٗ چَ مْبٗوڠَ۔

Sample 2

كَتِيكَ كَارْنٖ يَ كُومِ نَ تِيسَ ذَانَ هِئِ إِلِمَأَنِيشَ كُبٗرٖشْوَ كْوَ مْجَ كُپِتِئَ كْوَ إٖلِيمُ نَ هَالِ كَذَلِيكَ إِلِمَأَنِيشَ كُتٖكٖلٖيزْوَ كْوَ مَأَزِمِؤٗ يَ كِتَئِيفَ أَوْ مَأَدِيلِ۔

Sample 3

ۏَكٖيْنْڈَ تهَخُبِيْرِ * بِاللَّيْلِ وَالنَّهَارِ
ۏَكَپَنْبَانَ نَ بَحَارِ * نَ مِيْٹِ نَ مَطَرِيَ