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When I put up the first version of Eurfa, I had the idea of doing a directory of programs and apps that were available in Welsh. I’ve now published the initial version of Meddaliadur, which is a start on this task. It lists a handful of programs, with a short description, a link to the website, license and cost details, information about who did the translation and where it can be got, and (last but not least) a few screenshots.

The idea is to show that there are quite a few pieces of software in Welsh, and the number is growing. This may attract some people to the apps themselves, and it might encourage others to think about making their apps available in Welsh too.

What I’ll be doing is splitting out the various programs that form part of the KDE and GNOME desktops, and then adding any other programs that I know have been translated. So that means, for instance, that there will be a Games section, with separate pages for KSokoban, Kolf, and so on. This will give a much better idea of the range of software (especially free software) already in Welsh.

Software in Welsh on other platforms (eg Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OSX, Solaris, etc) will also be included, since the aim is to give a reasonable overview of all that is available.

The pages at present are simple HTML, but that would become unmanageable as the number of programs grows, so I need to move it to a database-backed system. I’ll take that opportunity to add things like the ability to leave comments about particular programs, and perhaps a space for beginner’s tutorials or howtos on the programs.

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