Iriver T60 has a 1,000 file limit?

July 14th, 2007 by donnek Leave a reply »

With my second boy going on a long trip, he wanted a media-player that played off a standard battery rather than one of the rechargeable ones that you need to find an electricity source for. It also had to play ogg files, since that’s what our CD collection here is ripped into. Cowon, which is very supportive of Linux, used to do an excellent little player that ran on a AA battery (the G3), but the one I had had only 256Mb capacity, and the line seems to be discontinued now. So we finally settled on the Iriver T60, and even though it has 4Gb of storage, the player is not much bigger than the AAA battery that powers it. Very nice indeed, although the menu system isn’t as good as the G3’s.

I started loading on his favourite CDs from our music server, and ripped a Spanish course and put that on too. I just connected the player to the PC, and dragged and dropped. Our format is Artist, then Album, then Track. I put on about 10 CDs that evening, and tested them – all played fine.

Next morning, continuing the job, any new CDs I dragged and dropped wouldn’t play … Hmm – the others still did. Cue much head-scratching. I eventually moved the tracks up a level, so there were now just two levels (Album, Track) instead of three. That worked, and I thought the problem was solved, but no – add a few more and they wouldn’t play either.

Hmm. I’m using USB Mass Storage (UMS or Mass Storage Class, MSC). But this thing also uses Microsoft’s wacky MTP (Media Transfer Protocol). If it comes with that as default (the default can be changed via a firmware update), maybe it wants the joy of attachment to a legacy OS? So I fired up my wheezy old XP install, and added a few tracks using the Iriver software (not very good, btw). They seemed to play all right, so I dragged and dropped from XP (ie using UMS). They played too.

OK, back to Linux. I added a few more tracks there, and they seemed to be OK too. Added a lot more, and oops – some of these don’t play. There was steam coming out of my ears at this point, after spending most of the day on this wretched little contraption. So I sat and went through every single one of the 76 CDs I’d transferred there, and it was only the last 8 that wouldn’t play. Looking at the system menu, I noticed that the number of tracks listed was a suspiciously round 1,000.

Does this mean that the T60 can’t play more than 1,000 tracks, which seems a bit on the cramped side for a 4Gb player? It might be just about OK for mp3s, which tend to be around 5Mb apiece, but with oggs, which tend to be smaller (say 4Mb), it probably wouldn’t be.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for my sanity), the boy had to depart, and I have had no opportunity to test this further. But when he comes back, I’ll do a complete firmware upgrade and start again.

In the meantime, T60 buyers using OSS might like to be aware that one or all of these may apply:

  1. the T60 doesn’t like being connected UMS style to a Linux box;
  2. the T60 doesn’t like more than two levels of directory;
  3. the T60 doesn’t like to hold more than 1,000 files.


  1. Anonymous says:

    4. T60 has popping sound in NORMAL eq with LCD turned off.

    Some guys tested it here:

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes it looks like the T60 can only hold 1000 songs, hopefully this can be resolved with a firmware update at some point in the near future.

  3. donnek says:

    Hmm – haven’t heard the popping, and that thread isn’t really definite. He’s back since yesterday, so I can start looking at it again in more detail. Regarding the 1,000 file limit, don’t you wish manufacturers would take a dose of clue and just put a sentence to that effect somewhere on their publicity material, so you don’t have to spend a few hours chasing your tail?

  4. donnek says:

    Ah well – never got a chance to look at it again. After surviving the journey, the boy wonder lost it at a beach party in Llanddona. Where did I get him?

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