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Transcription Workshop

November 23rd, 2010

The Corpus Linguistics group at the ESRC Centre held a transcription workshop on 19-20 November to look at practical issues in transcription. Professor Brian MacWhinney, from Carnegie Mellon University, the originator of the CLAN software and the Talkbank repository, was the guest speaker. There were 11 other presentations from speakers from as far afield as Denmark and Estonia, with plenty of time for discussion. I gave a short presentation on the autoglosser, and preparing it was quite a useful review of how far we’ve come. We can now import chat files in 4 different marking formats, and autogloss the text in 3 languages – Welsh, English, and Spanish. A great deal more remains to be done, particularly in regard to increasing the accuracy above the magic 95% mark, but it looks quite doable.