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Language of first delivery

July 4th, 2013

I’ve added some data to Kynulliad3 (it’s not in the current download, but it will be in the next one) so that the “language of first delivery” can be calculated. In the Assembly, Members can speak in either language, which is placed on the left-hand side of the Record. The translation, into English or Welsh as appropriate, then goes on the right-hand side of the Record. If we separate out those sentences which were first delivered in one language from those which have been translated from the other language, we get the following word totals:
Welsh: 879,964  /  8,865,452 (9.9%)
English: 7,916,148  /  8,775,382 (90.2%)

So about 10% of the word total in the Third Assembly used Welsh as the language of first delivery. This is a bit lower than the proportion of Welsh-speakers in Wales (19% according to the 2011 Census), but I don’t know how it relates to the proportion of Welsh-speakers in the Third Assembly (or at least the proportion who felt confident enough to use Welsh in this setting). It’s a pretty sizeable percentage, though.

Kynulliad3 released

July 3rd, 2013

I’ve just released Kynulliad3 – a corpus of aligned Welsh and English sentences, drawn from the Record of Proceedings of the Third Assembly (2007-2011) of the National Assembly for Wales. It contains over 350,000 sentences and almost 9m words in each language, and is a sort of sequel to Jones and Eisele‘s earlier PNAW corpus.

Hopefully it will mean that all the great work done by the Assembly’s translators can be re-used for language processing research. And it also has practical benefits for language checking – if, for instance, you are translating “of almost” and wonder whether bron (almost) should have the usual soft-mutation after o (of), all you need to do is put “of almost” in the search box, and you have your answer!